This is a public safety issue; plain and simple.

What Governor Brown and the State of California would like to do, is release hundreds – if not thousands – of convicted violent criminals back onto our streets …and into our neighborhoods.

As someone who’s been victimized and is a survivor of a violent crime I urge you to Vote NO on Prop 57. As someone who has helped thousands of other victims rebuild their lives through our organization, Crime Survivors, I urge you to Vote NO on Prop 57.

Lawmakers are trying to pass this off as a humanitarian gesture; hence the name – Public Safety & Rehabilitation Act. Nothing could be further from the truth. Public Safety will be seriously jeopardized and law enforcement personnel will have their hands full if this passes. I am so appalled and offended. Any sensible person should also feel the same.

It comes down to economics and the state has been wanting to cut Department of Corrections’ budgets so they can fund other pet projects of theirs.

Don’t be fooled. This will have an adverse effect on the public safety for all Californians. It could be you or a family friend, a family member or even a child that is victimized next should Prop 57 pass.

It’s up to YOU! Please Vote NO on Prop 57 in the name of Public Safety.

Thank You, Patricia Wenskunas.