A lot of people say In-N-Out Burgers are the best. Old-fashioned American burgers … quality food … simple menu. I’ll go along with the last three points. Others say Fatburgers are the best. And a lot of people say McDonalds has the best fries.

But growing up in a small town in Illinois, I have fond memories of the famous White Castle Burgers. They were little, had pickles, grilled onions, and a choice of cheese.  They were fun to eat and you could order several of them, because as I mentioned, they were little. And, better than the burgers, they had shakes that were to die for. It was the perfect, extra thick, extra chocolaty shake that was like heaven in a cup.

So on a recent trip to Vegas, I rec’d a text from my son saying, “Mom please bring me back some White Castle.”  I was thinking, I’m in Vegas, not in Illinois. The text continues, “Don’t know if you know, but they opened a store there.” I couldn’t believe it … I was smiling from ear to ear … have loved their burgers since childhood, but I just wanted their creamy chocolate shake!

Then I started thinking, could it be duplicated? Could they truly duplicate the White Castle experience? Or, would I be disappointed?

So I convinced my brother (from another mother and father) to stop by on the way back to California. The Vegas store is on the strip, so no drive-through or parking options. We parked in the back, and I walked through the casino. It was still about a mile walk (If you know anything about Vegas it’s that it takes 10-15 minutes to get out of a hotel) I finally get there … then get in line … then get to order … and I order … 40 burgers and a vanilla & chocolate shake. When I couldn’t produce an I.D. (because I was paying by credit card) I said, “Uh-oh, I left it in the car.” Then I looked at him with sad puppy eyes … and the guy says,  “You’re so pretty … so I will let you slide.” I thanked him for the compliment and then paid the $70.23 bill. Yes, that’s correct – for 1 vanilla shake, a chocolate shake and 40 burgers! Hadn’t tasted them yet but I was in hog heaven.

The Vegas White Castle experience was a good one and they did not disappoint! I was reliving my childhood all over again. My brother (from another mother and father) and I tried some on the trip back to Cali and they were fantastic and the shakes were even better. Better than I ever remembered … very thick.

Needless to say, my son was elated. As he was eating them, he was trying to convince me to open a franchise in OC and I told him I was sure as heck that if I ever did, it would be a huge success.

Any other White Castle fans out there? Care to share … what is your favorite hamburger?  I’d like to know.  Be well my friends, PW.