All programs can be designed to be a keynote address, workshop, break-out sessions. Patricia tailors the presentations and services upon client’s needs.
Awareness Prevention Survival

Patricia is a survivor of attempted murder and childhood abuse, Founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization, Crime Survivors, Inc., a professional public speaker, victim advocate and motivational consultant, and future author of the journey through victimization and survival.

Public Speaking

Patricia has spent the last several years empowering victims of crime to survive and thrive while bringing awareness and prevention to our communities. She has been speaking to corporations, community groups, service organizations, schools, colleges, universities, and to law enforcement agencies, academy classes, patrol schools and to non profits and agencies providing assistance to victims of crime.


Partnering with community leaders, law enforcement agencies, victim advocates district attorneys, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.


Founded the nonprofit organization Crime Survivors, Inc. The mission of Crime Survivors is to ensure the public knows victims’ rights and needs and to provide resources, support, and information to empower crime victims to survive and thrive. Crime Survivors vision is for victims of crime to recover from their experience mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially, by receiving the respect, support, and protection from law enforcement, the judicial system, and the community.”All victims of crime have the right and responsibility to survive”.

Keynote Speaker

Patricia’s program includes a 45-60 minute presentation followed by open-mic for participants to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Break Out Sessions

Patricia’s breakout sessions are interactive, engaging and informative. Each participant will receive handouts.

Workshop Facilitator

Patricia’s workshops are filled with information guaranteed to re-power the spark that lies in us all. Whether we are talking about careers, relationships or life challenges your audience will leave feeling a sense of clarity, love, abundance and gratitude.

Meet & Greet

Patricia will attend your reception and help welcome VIPs and others before or after your event.

Community Outreach

Special rates available for campuses with confirmed Student Activities Directors, Career Services Directors, Greek Life Coordinators, Life Skills Coordinators or Orientation Coordinators.

 What Are The Fees?

For more information, or to arrange for Patricia to be a guest speaker at your function or event, you may contact her at 949-872-7895 or by e-mail at