Gifts That Give Back…!!!

I was sent a check written out to me for $500.00 from a leader in the crime victim and survivor movement.

I decided to do what is right and best and get 5 @ $100.00 Gift Cards and donate them to Victims, Survivors and Families in her Daughters Name.

This does my heart good and I have […]

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My Personal…

When you’ve never depended on anyone else and have done everything yourself since you were just a teenager. When you are a child, young adult, single adult, individual and single parent with no help or support. When you have been burnt and hurt many times over with career, community and other endeavors throughout your life. […]

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A New Year, a fresh start for 2016

People like new starts. Mostly we do. I think that’s why we look forward to the New Year – it is new and it gives us a chance to start fresh again. We like it so much that most New Year’s celebrations have become an excuse to consume large quantities of alcohol, kiss people we […]

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Join Team Crime Survivors

The Crime Survivors Board of Directors would like you to consider an End-of-Year Donation to Help Us Support Victims, Survivors, Families and our Community!

Last Chance To Make A Matching Tax-Deductible Donation For 2015

Time is running out to make a 2015 tax-deductible donation to Crime Survivors. We rely on you for contributions large and small to […]

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Did you see this Friend?



If you’ve been looking for one more opportunity for charitable giving before the year is over, you are in luck!

Thanks to an extremely kind and generous donor, your donations made to Crime Survivors between now and midnight on December 31st will be matched dollar for dollar.

What better opportunity to give to […]

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Who gets a casserole???

Who gets a casserole???

When ones are diagnosed with cancer, family members get a casserole.

When there is a fire, flood, tornado, earthquake, destruction or hardship, they too get a casserole.

When ones are killed in the military, their loved ones get a casserole.

When law enforcement, medic, fire and service providers are killed, their families get a casserole.

When […]

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Toys & Gifts

Do you have Unwanted Toys or Gifts?

Don’t throw them away…!!!

Donate them to Crime Survivors for Hopeful Healing!

Toys, Gifts of All Kinds, Unwanted Gift Cards, Gift Cards with Remaining Balances, Wrapping Paper, Scissors, Tape and all leftover or unwanted or items not needed are accepted and put towards future programs, services and training’s for […]

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Questions and Answers….

I continue to be asked this question:
“Why do you sacrifice and continue doing what you’re doing?”

My answer:
“I know what victimization, hope, healing and surviving is first hand.”

Another question asked of me:
“Must you be so outspoken, direct and full of expressing your faith.”

My answer:
“Read these cards.”


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Did you know?

Before starting Crime Survivors, I had a successful catering & event planning business by the name Creative Coordinating. I already had established a loyal clientele. Things were going well. At that time it was my sole source of income.

After starting CSI in 2003, much of my time was dominated by getting it up and running. […]

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Inside a Snow Globe

What would it be like inside a snow globe? Peaceful. Joyful. Loving. Everything picture perfect.

As a child, I was fascinated by those see-through crystal balls with falling snow. The winter scenes and the people were all so real for me, and I used imaginative thought to transport myself there. It wasn’t a far stretch, […]

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