I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me this past year and said, “I swear, if Hillary wins, – or if Trump wins, – I’m packing up and moving to Canada.” Some said Europe. One lady told me Costa Rica. Another said Uruguay. One middle aged man told me he was ready to leave the States anyway but he would move to Ireland.

If everyone who told me they’re packing up and leaving town is true to their word, the City of Irvine will lose about 25% of it’s population overnight.

Guru pollster and political consultant, Frank Luntz, put together a special program the other evening and a special audience of voters – some Democrats, some Republican, some undecided – and Luntz said he’s been doing this type of work for two decades and he’s never seen this type of anger towards the political process.

Mudslinging in the American political process has been going on for over a hundred years. So to those who cry and complain that our election process is getting too ugly and too contentious, I say they lack historical perspective.

While not a big fan, perhaps former President Bill Clinton said it best: “It’s a rough and tumble sport.” He knows. He’s been in a few slugfests himself.

Issues are important. And issues have been discussed at the rallys, at the debates, on TV news shows, etc. And I guess it’s fair to say, that you do have two candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – that are ideologically at opposite ends of the political spectrum. But there are other marked distinctions; one is the ultimate political insider while the other is a novice on brand new turf. One is polished, and articulate and is politically correct most of the time while the other is rude, crude and makes sweepingly offensive comments; i.e. doesn’t think before speaking. And make no mistake about it, both are immensely wealthy … and influential within their own spheres and the worlds they travel.

If that many people are truly upset as pollster Frank Luntz found out with his special survey/polls, then maybe it’s time the American people tweak the process itself and open it up to be more inclusive … not just for the super-rich – but for the average working man or woman as well.

As for myself, I’d love to vacation in any one of those places people have told me they’re moving to if their candidate doesn’t win. I only know one thing for sure, on Wednesday, Nov. 9th, I’ll be working at least a 12 hour day so I can start saving money for a nice vacation to one of those spots.

My name is Patricia Wenskunas and I approve this message.